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Earth’s not the home God planned for me.  If it wasn’t for my ancestors Adam and Eve, I’d be living and loving in a wonderful garden taking quiet walks with my Father in the cool of the evening.  But the choice they made one day had devastating effects on my life.  I inherited their genetic disposition for sin and lost my heavenly home, but when I die I will finally receive my inheritance.  For you see, when I die I am going to heaven.  The Bible says that it is a wonderful place, even more wonderful than the original garden.  Jesus has gone before me and built me a home there.  Some say it will be a mansion, others say a room next to his, but I really don’t care for I know Jesus has great taste and it will be perfect for all my needs.

The Bible tells me that heaven will be like a huge city surrounded by walls 1,400 miles wide, long and high which form a cube around the city.   These walls will be made entirely of precious stones shining in the light.  Each side of the wall will have 3 huge gates made of pearl.  (I guess that’s why we talk about the pearly gates.)  Each gate will be made of a single pearl.  I think from the descriptions I’ve heard from those who died, went to heaven and came back that everything grows bigger, brighter and more special in heaven.  So it stands to reason that pearls will be gigantic also.  Those who have walked in heaven say that the flowers are huge and made from colors they can’t describe since they are not seen here on earth.  Everything is clearer and brighter in the clean atmosphere in heaven…no pollution I guess.  They say the music is so beautiful and is so different than that on earth that they cannot describe or compare it to what we hear here either.

The Bible tells me that God lives in heaven and sits on a throne that is filled with light.  There is an emerald rainbow that rises over the throne, yet there is thunder and lightening emanating from there also.  God’s throne is surrounded by other thrones that are filled with elders clothed in white wearing crowns on their heads who are participating in worshipping and bowing before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  These elders have bowls full of the prayers of the people to present to God.  I too will be invited into the throne room of God since I have been promised a crown and authority to rule and reign with Him.  Some have said that when God redeems the earth at the end of time we will be able to travel between heaven and earth just like the angels did in Jacob’s vision so many years ago.  (Jacob’s ladder.)   Once again man and woman will take their rightful place on earth in the garden that God had prepared for Adam and Eve.

The floor in the throne room looks like a sea of glass sparkling like crystal.  A river flows from the throne room out into the city.  It is a pure river with the water of life and on each side of the river are trees of life bearing 12 different fruits each in their season.  I think this means that we will never be hungry or thirsty again.

The main street in heaven will be made of pure gold, but it will look like glass and we will be able to walk on it.  There will be nothing evil that will be allowed in Heaven.  There will be no more tears, sorrow, death, or pain.  What we will have is an opportunity to walk and talk with God the Father and Jesus.  All our questions about God will be answered and we will finally live in the peace and comfort of God.  It will be a place of learning as more and more revelation is given to us about God.  And as we grow to know Him even better we will receive the mind of Christ.  We will actually see God!  There will be no need for faith, since we will see Him every day and live in His presence.  What a wonderful place to spend eternity.

Jesus said that there will be no marriage in heaven.  I find that interesting, but maybe marriage was a gift given to us here on earth to help us live and have children on earth.   Since there will be no children that will be born in heaven there is no need for marriage.  (I am of the opinion that there will be lots of children in heaven because any that died, including aborted babies, before being old enough to choose Jesus as their savior will return directly to God.)

Some say we will know each other in heaven because the essence of who we are will remain.  We take our feelings, our personality, our thinking ability, and our spiritual being into heaven after we die.  (The disciples saw Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus, and Moses and Elijah had been dead for many years.  In fact the disciples had never seen them on earth, yet they recognized them when they appeared.  Interesting.)  So it appears that we will have relationships with one another, be able to talk to one another- we just won’t be in a marriage relationship after we die.

It is said that our old bodies will not come along, but that’s OK with me since I have some body parts that need replacing.  God promises those who go to heaven a new and glorious body.  No aches, no pains, no crippling diseases or blindness, a body that will never grow old.  That’s the beauty of heaven.

Jesus told a story that is very difficult for us to share with others, yet I would not be telling the whole truth about what happens when we die if I don’t share it.  It is found in Luke 16:19-31.  A rich man had a wonderful life on earth, living like rich people do.  He was never concerned over the homeless man named Lazarus who lived outside his door.  He never gave him anything to eat or drink.  He just enjoyed all his riches until the day he died.  Then when he died he went to what we would call Hell.  He was in torment and had an unquenchable thirst.  He could see into what we would call Heaven and he saw Lazarus, happy and well fed.  He begged for someone to send Lazarus over to bring him comfort.  The end of the story is that the chasm was too big for Lazarus to cross so the rich man was to spend the end of his days in torment.

When Jesus talked to Nicodemus who wanted to know how to get to heaven Jesus said you have to be born again….which basically means that you have to choose God and the only way you can do that is recognize that there is no other way to heaven than Jesus.  You can not do enough good works to overcome the sin in your life.  You can not be good enough.  You need a savior and the only way to heaven is to ask Jesus Christ to save you.  He did it all for you on the cross.  All you have to do is admit your need of him and ask him to take your sins away.

Those who sincerely do this will spend eternity with God in heaven, those who do not will be like the rich man and spend eternity in torment away from God wishing he had made that choice when he had the chance.  This is a choice you must make before you die.  There is no second chance.  For you see, the choice is to be with God for all of eternity or to not be with God for all of eternity.  If you want to be in heaven with God then you have to become his child and the only way to him is through the shed blood of his Son Jesus.  When you accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior of your life you become God’s precious son or daughter in the fullest sense and when you die you will go directly home to live with your Father in heaven.  See you there.

Heaven                                                Hell                                         Crowns

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