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There are times in our lives when the Lord makes visible His work in our lives.  We have been doing some much needed home renovations that required the taking down of some walls and taking up some of the floors making what was invisible visible.  In the process of preparation for a new floor in the utility room we decided to check the plumbing in the crawl space before putting in the new floor.  This was an area that I had prayed and worried about for years since I knew these were very old pipes and difficult to get to.  Now, with the floor open, the invisible pipes revealed that, although they looked good, one touch crumbled them.  The Lord had protected us all these years and now had given us the wisdom and finances to fix something that we hadn’t had access to before.  As with all renovation projects, one thing led to another.  I had the idea to change out the old shower in the adjoining bathroom before that floor was also completed.  In removing the shower the once invisible studs were revealed and the wall felt warm to the touch.  On further investigation we found that our main furnace had scorched several studs and could have caught our house on fire.  Also, the chimney was not working correctly, which was allowing carbon dioxide to escape back into our home.  Our drafty front room, that we had hoped to tighten up this summer, had saved us from the escaping gas.  I saw this as the invisible protective hand of God revealing His great love and protection for us.

Ps. 91:14 says:

‘Because he loves me,’ says the Lord,
‘I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he
acknowledges my name.’

I love hearing stories of where the Lord rescues His people.  In each of these God’s hand becomes visible if you look for it.  Most recently I heard about Christians in India who were coming under severe persecution.  Hundreds of churches were burned, over 140 pastors and leaders were slaughtered in front of their families, and their homes were seized.  Those remaining were forced to flee into the jungle.  Later the women came out to work for the Hindus in the rice fields, but then they were fired and replaced with Hindus.  These Christians cried out for the Lord’s help and the Lord sent 25 elephants to stomp on and destroy all the Hindu homes, leaving standing the homes Christians were staying in.  Later the Lord sent tigers out of the jungle and into the rice fields to kill those who took the Christian women’s jobs.  The report that “the fear of the Lord” covered that area should be no surprise to you.  It is amazing that even the Hindus could see the hand of God in the unleashing of the elephants and the tigers, but it takes a believing saint to have faith that God’s hand of protection, although invisible, was still working in their situation before the elephants and tigers were released.

Although I have not been protected by elephants and tigers, I have learned like Job that the Lord loves me, wants good things for me, and is always willing to protect me.  Even though Job was allowed to go through trials, the Lord still placed a hedge of protection around his life.  We don’t see God’s invisible protection until the Lord is ready to reveal it, so we don’t know how many other things the Lord has protected us from.  We can only share the times He allows us to see His hand and believe that, even if we don’t see it, He is still there protecting us.

I can remember one time I saw His hand was when I was getting ready to bring my Mom home from Florida.  I was getting very frustrated on how long it was taking her to get the final things done before we closed up the trailer for the summer.  When we finally got down the road Mom couldn’t find her sunglasses so we had to turn around and go back.  When she got up to go back into the trailer I saw the sunglasses in her seat.  She had been sitting on them! Now we were even later starting out! I tried to pray for peace and to submit to the “whatever comes” of my life, telling myself that there was no sense fussing over what couldn’t be changed.  A short time later we came upon a bad accident that was just getting cleared away.  I learned that day that some of life’s frustrations could very well be a part of God’s invisible protective plan for me.

I have also learned that whatever comes to me has been allowed by the ever watchful Lord and it comes as no surprise to Him. He promises that when I call upon Him He will answer me, be with me in trouble and deliver me.  (paraphrased from Ps. 91:15)

I also believe that though I may not see the forces against me or I don’t see what the Lord is doing on my behalf, the Lord does see and protects me.  This gives me great peace.

The Lord shows us in scripture that He is willing to fight for us.  Elisha alone saw the angel forces the Lord had arrayed against the enemy.  God’s invisible world only becomes visible when the Lord wants to build faith and is only revealed to those He chooses.  I challenge you to think about how many times in our lives the Lord may have protected you and you didn’t know it.  Shouldn’t we thank the Lord daily for His faithful invisible protective hand?

You are my hiding place;
You will protect me from trouble
And surround me with songs of deliverance.
(Ps. 32:7)