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Luke 1:26-38

1Week 1 is all about preparation, some say expectation, some say prophecy, but it’s focus is about getting ready for the Christ Child’s appearance.  Often this week focuses on the prophets of old foretelling of the Messiah’s birth.  Luke 3:4-6 tells of John the Baptist speaking the words of Isaiah telling the people to “prepare the way for the Lord.”  This is a time to prepare for Christmas, the coming of the Christ Child, a renewal of our gratitude for Jesus being willing to give up heaven and to come to us in human form and endure all of this world so that we could be saved and live eternally with Him in glory.  This is a time to remember that it is not presents, Santa Claus, desserts, parties, family, or friends that make this season bright; it is the gift of God’s own Son to us, Emmanuel, God with us, that lights up the night.  Let us prepare our hearts to receive more of Him as these weeks proceed.