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The Chosen One

ringThe Princess was finally getting the hang of most of the dances.  She still had times when she wanted to lead instead of following the steps and direction the Prince was going, but she was beginning to see that his steps and his direction always made a much more beautiful and flowing dance.  Now it was almost a daily occurrence that their dancing led them into the throne room of the King, who was most pleased with the beauty of the couple’s dance.

          It was becoming clear that the couple was very much in love.  They seemed a wonderful match and this too pleased the King.  He had been looking for a bride for the Prince for years and now it looked like the Princess would become the chosen one.  But she still had much to learn before she could marry the Prince.  The King talked to the Prince about the Princess’ progress and they decided she was ready to be asked if she would like to marry the Prince.  Betrothal to a Prince required a long time of preparation before the marriage would take place.  The King called for the royal jeweler to prepare the engagement ring.  Tradition required the ring to be made from the jewels found in the royal treasury.  Each engagement ring was especially designed with an emerald-cut diamond in the center of it.  Since emerald-cut diamonds were one of the most difficult and most valuable diamond cuts, by law only the royal women were allowed to wear them.  The royal rings set them apart from those who wished to pretend to be royalty.  When you saw a woman with an emerald-cut diamond on her finger you knew that she was royalty.

          The Prince planned how he would ask for the hand of the Princess.  He decided to invite the Princess to a candlelight dinner at the gazebo.  The servants decorated the gazebo with lights and white linen and floated gardenia in glass bowls.  The royal chef outdid himself with the preparations for the food.  Everything was ready.  The Prince was nervous.  What if the Princess was not ready to go deeper in their relationship?  To be the fiancée of the Prince would require great sacrifice and commitment to the kingdom.  It wouldn’t just be dancing anymore.  This kind of relationship required the willingness of the future bride to give up everything, including her own personal desires, to become a bond servant of the King before she would be allowed to be the bride of the Prince.  The engagement would be the preparation time, the testing time, and the growing time.  There would be great responsibilities given to the Princess and there would be many days when the Princess would feel like the wedding day would never come.  The Prince hoped his timing was right for asking her to marry him. All rested on the right timing.

          The ring was prepared, the dinner and the decorations were ready, and the Prince knew what he would say, but what would the Princess’ answer be?


  1. The Father has been looking for a bride for Jesus for years. The church is to become the bride without spot or wrinkle, a perfect match for Jesus.  The church is you, if you are born again.  God the Father has chosen you for His Son, Jesus.  Are you prepared for the wedding?  What preparations do you need to make before Jesus comes back for you?

          Ps. 45, Isaiah 61:10, Isaiah 62:5, Rev, 19:6-8

  1. The engagement ring given to all believers is the seal of the Holy Spirit that you receive when you ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit is a seal or sign of who you belong to, just as an engagement ring declares that you are taken by another.  In the days these scriptures were written, the king would give his seal to one he trusted and left in charge as his representative.  That person could use the seal to sign laws or do business in the King’s name.  He was the King’s lawful representative, similar but even more powerful than today’s power of attorney.  When you have the Holy Spirit you are God’s representative on earth.  The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is also a sign that you are engaged to be married to Jesus and will live eternally with the Father.           Eph. 1:3-14
  2. No one but born again believers can receive the Holy Spirit. One of the Holy Spirit’s gifts is to discern those who love Jesus and those who pretend to.          Acts 8:9-25

 4. To become a disciple of Christ we must be willing to sacrifice our own desires for God and become a willing bond servant. In Biblical times, a bond servant was a servant who loved his master so much he was willing to spend his life serving him.  When a servant’s time of service was fulfilled, he could go free.  If the servant wanted to become a bond servant to his master, he would allow the master to pierce his ear and place in it a plug with the master’s initials on it.  This meant that this servant out of love had tied his life to that of serving his master for as long as the servant lived.

          Rom.  1:1, I Cor. 9:19, Col. 1:24-29, Titus 1:1